Friday, June 5, 2009

The evolution of a mohawk

It started out as punishment for not keeping his grades up...although incredibly smart, Kyle is not the studious type, nor is he organized or think that life's time frames apply to him. Thus getting good grades from actually turning in schoolwork is not a priority! I get this-he is me then, so there ya go.

So, he did manage to pass 8th grade as required to keep his mane. However, a D meant a number 2 buzz cut. He thought warming up to the idea of short hair after having it long for 3 years would ease the 'punishment' aspect, but he was still very nervous. Dad suggested a Mohawk for a bit more fun and he agreed but was still worried.
Here is the event in pictures:

Good thing he has a nice shaped head! Did he take his punishment like a man? you bet! Will it turn him into a straight A student with piles of discipline and organization skills?? Probably not. But he will get there-just like me, so there ya go.

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  1. Thick he ended up with a reward instead of punishment he he....