Sunday, July 18, 2010

A clever idea...

...blatantly stolen from the Naples Botanical Gardens! 

My parents own a condo in Naples, FLA and we usually go visit over Spring break.  This year was no exception.  My mom volunteers at the Naples Botanical Gardens as a docent ( so we went through their beautiful gardens.  In the children's garden they had what I  thought was a cute and clever use for old purses...

I took a picture of them knowing that at some point I would totally rip off the idea and use at home!  I found a couple of purses at the local ARC Thrift Store and here is my version:

This is right after I potted them.

and this is where they ended up hanging-one of the front porch,

and one on the back deck

I thought they turned out so good, I'm going to make many more! 
Note to self: use potting soil because real dirt gets REAL heavy!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Greeley Stampede - 10 days of fun!

Whew!  The Greeley Stampede finished up on July 4th with a monsoon during the Gloriana show and fireworks postponed until Monday July 5th...what a ride! Here are the rest of the highlights from our 10 days 'living" at the Stampede:
my son and his friends brought food to get a break on wrist band night at the carnival.

Our Big Country Stampede Idol finalists, Mira (13 years old!) and Chris

me with our super stage manager (and Lil Dreamer keyboard player) John DeWitt

Longhorn parade

Big Country staff in the parade

The staff with Gloriana before the rain hit