Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Buzz

Another week done and gone...
  • Along with my own job, filled in for more vacationing co-workers (my apologies for being all over your airwaves again!)  I think most everyone is back now, so you'll get a chance to miss me

  • attended my first class of FPU, Financial Peace University ( I'm very excited to get my financial house in order, get out of debt and yes, have peace with money

  • got some pool time with my Goddesses on Thursday-going to the pool with my girls is one of my very favorite things to do

  • Tried and gave up on the HCG program again.  My apologies for those of you tuning in hoping for more dieting success...I did lose 2.2 lbs this week, but I'm discontinuing the program due to a case of "I'm just not feeling it."  I also watched someone else have difficulty from over-doing the program-helped convince me that it's just not the way to go this time.  I'm  gonna do something revolutionary and go back to the old fashioned "eat less (ie better), exercise more" approach.  What?  does that work?  I don't know, I'll find out and report back!

  • Enjoyed a great concert-Creedence Clearwater Revisited.  OK, so John Fogerty isn't with the band anymore but they still put on a helluva show and the singer is damn close.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Like the stock market...

I went down!  Unlike the stock market, it only affects me.

I started HCG drops and 500 cal a day diet again yesterday.  I was very good with only a protein snack late afternoon to help get me through.  Today's weigh in: down 2.2 lbs!  

The right frame of mind and putting on the "big girl panties" again is really the only difference between last week and this week.  This week, I'm ready to not "cave to the crave."  Although there were a few moments when the "sugar bugs"  were loudest and I almost gave in...thankfully, I had proper snacks, pre-prepared foods and nothing too tempting in the house to derail me.  The first 3 days were the hardest last time, so it's safe to assume it will be that way again...on to day 2!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lame Sauce!

Things that were lame last week:

  1. didn't approve my hours in time so my paycheck was waaaay short-ouch
  2. Tiny, tenacious ants are trying to take over my kitchen and all the happy little non-toxic methods are not working
  3. Work frustration with the "underdog" struggle slowly starting to pay off, but not where it "matters"
  4. the  attempt and mostly failed try at a diet I've had previous success with
See what I mean?  Not life changing, world ending nor overly dramatic, just...LAME!  

Lame, Feeble, Weak, Ho Hum, Half-assed...good words to describe my attitude last week, in particular #4. I made a feeble attempt every day to "do the right thing" and then half-assed blew it. Breakfast rocked, lunch was proper, by 3pm, I got weak and tried to fall back into my old bad habits. BUT, I was even lame about that! I made half-assed good choices with food so I minimized the damage...I was even ho-hum in my lameness!   So lame was I that it took me until Friday to finally give in to the lame and embrace it, ha!


To put this event to rest,  I dub thee first week of August, 2011 "Sue's Week Of Lame"
(any attempts to repeat this week would be...wait for it...lame)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blog Drought

Confession time: I just haven't been motivated/indoors for long enough/it's summertime/what other excuse can I come up with  to not want to blog?  There have certainly been things to talk about, just not making it onto the page regularly!  Blame it on summer, the heat, the vacations (not that I've had any), working extra hours...enough excuses, it's a new month and a new beginning, so here goes:

Since last time I've:
  • Worked a ton filling in for everyone at work

  • Hosted a 70's party for my friend Tami's 40th birthday

  • Attended the Toby Keith concert with Tami and got us backstage to meet him

  • Opted out of MRC weight loss and into HCG drops again as of August 1st

I've had a fairly crazy, somewhat undisciplined summer, so it's time to jump start the weight loss/get my act together  again before Fall and before all the old habits creep back in completely again.  I've maintained my loss of about  20-23 lbs since March, so that feels good but I'm ready to start losing again since I want another 25 gone.  I didn't do the 2 load days since I feel like I've been loading for the last 2 weeks!  I just jumped right in yesterday and today's weigh in didn't net me anything yet.  Have to fess up tho-day was screwy, didn't eat lunch til 4, went to a movie so dinner was at 9:30 and (not exactly protocol) so it's all on me.  I'm currently baking chicken breasts for future meals and today I will follow properly.