Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Weekend tidbits

So, have any plans for Memorial Weekend?  People are so cute to ask me that, because the answer is always the same-working! Don't feel bad for me-I have always worked holidays, weekends, etc because that's the business I'm in.  Radio isn't 9-5 M-F (except when you've won something and want to come get your prize on the weekend)   I don't mind and don't really care because I'm really not missing out.  I just have  my weekend another time.  Memorial Weekend is special tho because it is the kick off to summer, the Indy 500, graduations and BBQ's.  The most important  reason  for this weekend though is to remember our fallen heroes.  It's because of them that we get to live a pretty great life in America.  I am humbled and  honored by their sacrifice...THANK YOU!

Not sure that was a good idea:  I was trying to pack too many things in on Friday and decided to weight in after working out because it fit my schedule better.  Even though I had heard that weight can fluctuate dramatically after a hard workout, it still didn't help when I got on the scale and saw an increase of  1.5 lbs!    I had eaten good, done a good hard work out and my reward was the scale going up?!  That pretty much blows it.  As of this morning it is gone again, but I was pretty upset for a time yesterday! Had to battle the old demon of What's the point?  Why try? all this hard work and this is my reward? Calm down it was a glitch-it's not worthy of ruining everything   I'm gonna go back to weighing myself every morning...don't like surprises.

Guess who's coming to visit?  The parents will be here from June 1 - June 8 and I can't wait because we didn't get to do our usual Spring Break in Florida with them this year.  It's funny tho, my house is perfectly livable in the day to day operations of life.   Then, when you start deep cleaning for a visit,  you notice it needs painting and scrubbing, new windows/floors/carpets and all new furniture, don't get me started on the landscaping, and, and, and...I wonder if we could just move?!  Not an option, so we have to kick out a teen boy to make room, and since their rooms are equally disgusting, I'll have to flip a coin to see who gets to camp in the basement for the week. ugh, there's another spot that needs to be nuked.
Today's food porn

Happy Birthday to Bert!  hubby celebrates a birthday today-have to go out and find the most decadent double chocolate cake to celebrate.

Thanks for stopping by-enjoy your 3-day weekend with family and friends!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How boring...

is this blog since I moved my diet stuff?!  I'm asleep, how about you?  I've gotten out of practice of writing each day since I got busy with graduation videos and working's either feast or famine with me...lots of hours everywhere I work or nearly none at all!  It's always been that way and I'm not sure I'd know how to act if it were normal, reasonable or steady.

(FYI-Careful Google-ing normal? images...there is some weird stuff that shows up!)

Now that things have calmed down a little, I'm going to try and get back to blogging more.  I've missed rehashing the day's events on here, so  it's time for a little "ketchup."

Spring video season comes to a close:  I'm nearly finished with grad videos-last one goes out the door today.  I had a great time making my "babies" again this year-each one had a different theme, attitude and was as individual as the person it was for.  If you want to see samples of my work, send me an email and I'll send you a demo.

Sophomore year in the books.  Teen boy made it through his sophomore year...nearly.  He changed schools last summer and was overwhelmed by the amount of work expected of him at the new school.  He finally got it together this last trimester and only needs to take a summer school class to get on track for math. He will be working for his dad for free to pay back the money for extra classes (this should be motivation to keep grades up, eh?)  he will celebrate his 16th birthday on June 

How's my driving?  For those of you wondering how Kyle is doing with his driving-he is doing quite well.  His double lane changes are a little unnerving, but he does do them safely, uses blinker and looks both ways.  He'll even go grocery shopping to have a chance to drive and is brave enough to go "the back way" to Walmart and now lives to practice parking next to other cars.

weight loss journey:  between the HCG program I did on my own in March/April and joining Metabolic Research Center in May, my total loss of weight and inches is at:

23 pounds lost (18 on my own, 6 so far with MRC)
The HCG jump start was an awesome boost  and now I'm excited to be on MRC because I can eat enough food each day to be able to exercise like I want to.
11 1/4 inches lost over my whole body
I am super happy about the inch loss because I didn't lose many inches with the HCG-this is all the MRC program...I there is now a hint of ribs and waistline,  yay!

Goddess Night Out tonight:  warning, all 6 Goddesses will be out together for  dinner (at On The Border) and a movie (Bridesmaids at Metrolux 14)...this should be epic!  Photos to come.

Pool opens Thursday!  All I can say, is it better be nice tomorrow...The Goddesses are in need of pool time.  The scary part about the pool opening?  I still need to go try on bathing suits...yikes, even with all the progress I've made, still not sure that will be fun or even "bare able."   Stay tuned...

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sue Sutton - Northern Colorado's New BIG COUNTRY 97.9!#article_comments

Sue Sutton - Northern Colorado's New BIG COUNTRY 97.9!#article_comments

Programming note

Hi everyone!  As I mentioned a couple weeks back, I'm starting a new phase of weight loss and will continue to blog about it, but it will be on my radio station blog instead of here. My Big Country blog is here: (

One of the benefits of being a full time DJ is advertisers will ask you to try out their products, hope you like and have success with them and encourage others to buy and try their products as well. I am now working with Metabolic Research Center and will be an "endorsing DJ" for their programs.  This is a win-win for me because I was already in the right mode and on my weight loss journey, but now I'll have the support and expertise to keep me successful! 

Hopefully I'll figure out how to link up everything so you won't have to do anything special to keep up.  It's the "old dog new tricks" thing so we'll see how that goes!