Sunday, July 5, 2009

There's a Fungus Amongus!

My first reaction when I came upon this growing in my garden was, "OMG, what the hell IS that?! It looks a bit obscene, other worldly and is slimy and spongy to the touch (yep, I did touch it)

Upon further research at, I found out it is a "stinkhorn" mushroom (Phallus impudicus). It's Latin name certainly seems appropriate!


  1. OH MY! They got the name spot on. Did you chop it down or leave it?

  2. ahahahaha what a perfect name. sounds like a latin swear word too!

  3. I'm sure Bert is pleased that you didn't cut it off. That would be hard do watch. My dad used to tell a joke about two old ladies on a beach.... Punch line: "Now I'm in my eighties and they are growing like weeds."