Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy vegetables

We have gotten an unusual amount of rain this year and the plants, flowers and veggies couldn't be happier! Between the leaves of my rhubarb (as large as elephant ears) and the crookneck squash, broccoli plants and cabbage taking over the universe, I finally beat back everything enough to harvest some goodies.

This year, I grew red cabbage, broccoli, sweet corn, tomatoes, crookneck squash and jalapenos. I am most proud of my sweet corn (have never had good luck until this year). I am now wishing I would have planted more! Here is a photo of the recent harvest:

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  1. Great looking harvest! Congratulations! We also had an unseal amount of rain, it has been great for fruit trees/bushes, but very bad for tomatoes! The rain caused tomato wilt caused by blight fungus. I was lucky to grow my tomatos on the deck, and the drainage really helps. My tomatos are not in a terrible shape, but most people around me say they are loosing their plants.
    But apples and blueberries appear to be very happy :-)