Sunday, July 18, 2010

A clever idea...

...blatantly stolen from the Naples Botanical Gardens! 

My parents own a condo in Naples, FLA and we usually go visit over Spring break.  This year was no exception.  My mom volunteers at the Naples Botanical Gardens as a docent ( so we went through their beautiful gardens.  In the children's garden they had what I  thought was a cute and clever use for old purses...

I took a picture of them knowing that at some point I would totally rip off the idea and use at home!  I found a couple of purses at the local ARC Thrift Store and here is my version:

This is right after I potted them.

and this is where they ended up hanging-one of the front porch,

and one on the back deck

I thought they turned out so good, I'm going to make many more! 
Note to self: use potting soil because real dirt gets REAL heavy!

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