Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WTH? Wednesday

Things that will make you say WTH?

This first one hits close to home...There is massive winter storm raging across the US-we in Northern Colorado didn't get much snow, just bitter cold for the last couple of days.  This prompted a 2 day NO SCHOOL DUE TO COLD hiatus.  WTH?  Feel free to join me in a round of, "When I was a kid..."

Although I get that -13 with windchill of -30 is pretty cold-where I grew up, a lot of the Winter was like that!  The school district's concern is about kids walking to school  or waiting for the bus in bitter cold temps.I'd like to think that parents and students would have enough sense to dress appropriately for the weather, but  I guess there is always that one kid who insists on wearing shorts and flip flops in the dead of winter.  I can see the lawsuit already...

Other WTH? moments from around the globe:
Pantomime dame accused of contravening Geneva Convention Do not use the Red Cross symbol lightly.  see full story here:

Man puts homemade bomb in sex toy for ex-girlfriend  wow, that's harsh...see full story here:

China TV 'substitutes Top Gun for air force footage'    I feel the need... for speed! see full story here:

Grow Your Own Security: Prof Breeds Bomb-Spotting Plants  Another reason to love foliage. see full story here:

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