Sunday, April 22, 2012

Weight Updeight

Sheesh!  I should try reading my own blog once in a while to find out what I'm supposed to be doing.

After many stops and starts since I last posted, I FINALLY got disgusted enough again to start eating right. I weighed myself on April 15th (horrifying), started a food journal on April 16th, with a conscience effort to keep most of the sugar out and protein and veggies in.  

I wrote down everything (yep, even the 3 M&M's and 2 Doritos chips-they DO count)- knowing that I would show it  to my friend and "cheerleader" Robin ( on Friday, April 20th.  So, after being pretty  good all week, I bravely weighed myself on Friday morning.  Although I felt better from eating better, I had no gauge to judge whether I had lost anything or not.  What would the scale say?  Would I be rewarded quickly or frustrated by little or no change?

The scale was kind and said I lost 4.4 pounds!   Yes!  Some forethought and planning, diligence and discipline does work.  It also helps to say, "NO!" out loud as you walk by the bags of chips and chocolates vying for your attention. 

it's fun and challenging to make "good for you" meals as appealing  and easy as junk, so here is my fave Taco Salad-it feels like you are cheating but you aren't! 
Total calories about 330  (I used 6 oz canned chicken to average protein)

2-3 cups shredded lettuce ( I use iceberg or Romaine)
5-6 oz protein, cut up or shredded  (lean ground beef, chicken breast)
1 oz 2% sharp cheddar, shredded
2 T. Salsa
2 T. light sour cream
10 sprays  Salad Spritzers
Tabasco to taste
use prepackaged lettuce, cheese and canned chicken for quick and easy.  (alto prep doesn't actually take very long and can be part of the fun)

delicious and filling!

What's the plan for this week?  Add in more interval training and other exercise and  try to cut out processed sugar snacks completely.

Feel free to share what works for you!

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