Sunday, April 11, 2010

The flip flop factory exploded in my living room!

I am the After Prom decorating committee chair for my son's high school with prom and after party just a few weeks away-2 weeks actually-but who is panicking?!

Anyway, this year's After Prom theme is "Surf's Up!" with Hawaiian luau flare-complete with grass skirts, loud shirts, fun and games. Each year we come up with a senior souvenir - a themed remembrance of the night for each graduating senior. I'm currently in production of this year's Senior Souvenir-a colorfully decorated flip flop!

Each senior gets one flip flop, so we bought 125 pairs of various size/colored flip flops at Hobby Lobby. Yes, we made a spectacle of ourselves with two carts filled with flip flops in the middle of winter! I bought a cheap hibiscus flower curtain decoration and tore it apart to separate the flowers. I also purchased a bag of long skinny balloons to use to tie the flowers onto the toe spacer. The balloons are pretty long so I cut them in half and took off the ends.

Once all the flowers were attached to each flip flop, my son's girl friend (bless her!) and I started hand printing every one's name on a flip flop. At this point I still have a few to go but at least they are all corralled into boxes and not in a giant ball in the middle of my living room!

Chances are that some seniors won't care about this souvenir and it will end up in the bottom of their car mixed in with fast food bags, thrown away or they won't even come to After Prom because "it's lame and run by lame parents." I don't do it for them, I do it for all of those who do come, find their souvenir amongst the decorations, have fun at the event and appreciate our hard work and the keepsake.

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  1. What a fantastic idea! I would have loved to help with the project. So coo!