Tuesday, May 11, 2010

smile, work it, let see it...good!

A company email was sent out explaining that all of us radio personalities had to have a professional photo done so our mugs could hang in the lobby...ugh, really?  One of the reasons we are in radio is that no one can see us!  Unlike TV, we don't have to look good to sound good and we can wear our jammies and bunny slippers and no one is ever the wiser (unless there's the dreaded web cam).  There is also an old saying, "got a face for radio," which (politely) means you don't have to be model perfect to do the job...whew! 

But being presentable out in public is part of the job, so off we go to Harper Point Studios in Fort Collins, Colorado.  http://www.harperpoint.com/htmlver/index.php

Turns out we clean up well and really not a bad looking group of people, so here are a couple of pictures from the shoot:

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