Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How boring...

is this blog since I moved my diet stuff?!  I'm asleep, how about you?  I've gotten out of practice of writing each day since I got busy with graduation videos and working's either feast or famine with me...lots of hours everywhere I work or nearly none at all!  It's always been that way and I'm not sure I'd know how to act if it were normal, reasonable or steady.

(FYI-Careful Google-ing normal? images...there is some weird stuff that shows up!)

Now that things have calmed down a little, I'm going to try and get back to blogging more.  I've missed rehashing the day's events on here, so  it's time for a little "ketchup."

Spring video season comes to a close:  I'm nearly finished with grad videos-last one goes out the door today.  I had a great time making my "babies" again this year-each one had a different theme, attitude and was as individual as the person it was for.  If you want to see samples of my work, send me an email and I'll send you a demo.

Sophomore year in the books.  Teen boy made it through his sophomore year...nearly.  He changed schools last summer and was overwhelmed by the amount of work expected of him at the new school.  He finally got it together this last trimester and only needs to take a summer school class to get on track for math. He will be working for his dad for free to pay back the money for extra classes (this should be motivation to keep grades up, eh?)  he will celebrate his 16th birthday on June 

How's my driving?  For those of you wondering how Kyle is doing with his driving-he is doing quite well.  His double lane changes are a little unnerving, but he does do them safely, uses blinker and looks both ways.  He'll even go grocery shopping to have a chance to drive and is brave enough to go "the back way" to Walmart and now lives to practice parking next to other cars.

weight loss journey:  between the HCG program I did on my own in March/April and joining Metabolic Research Center in May, my total loss of weight and inches is at:

23 pounds lost (18 on my own, 6 so far with MRC)
The HCG jump start was an awesome boost  and now I'm excited to be on MRC because I can eat enough food each day to be able to exercise like I want to.
11 1/4 inches lost over my whole body
I am super happy about the inch loss because I didn't lose many inches with the HCG-this is all the MRC program...I there is now a hint of ribs and waistline,  yay!

Goddess Night Out tonight:  warning, all 6 Goddesses will be out together for  dinner (at On The Border) and a movie (Bridesmaids at Metrolux 14)...this should be epic!  Photos to come.

Pool opens Thursday!  All I can say, is it better be nice tomorrow...The Goddesses are in need of pool time.  The scary part about the pool opening?  I still need to go try on bathing suits...yikes, even with all the progress I've made, still not sure that will be fun or even "bare able."   Stay tuned...

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  1. Super Sue! You better find a suit! last year's models will be all baggy on ya! that's a GOOD thing, right??!! :) I'm so proud of you. Look at all that positive stuff up there, dood! :) See ya tonight. love, Hippie Chick