Sunday, January 8, 2012

Before moving forward...

I'm gonna take a moment to reflect back on 2011...
This gorgeous reflection pic found at:  see more beautiful pics and reflection quotes there too!
2011 was a very interesting year!
  • With the "Take This Job and Shove It" departure of a co-worker, I was rewarded with the illusion of a full time job but with part time pay and hours (a few more hours, so it was a start)
  • A few months later, a  job transfer departure of another coworker led me to a few more hours and the possibility of being full time.
  • Finally a month later, it was determined that I could actually be full time with real benefits, health insurance and accruing vacation days-wow, what a concept! First time since my kiddos were little.  This was such a relief for my self employed husband!
  • Another month later we got knocked back on our heels when Corporate came through and got rid of people.  Awesome, now we get to try and make magic with no budget, vague directions and minus 3 talented people.
  • Also part of this restructuring was moving me from one place to another.  It's the same gig but different and although it's an easy transition, I still don't feel totally comfy with any of it.
  • Another "bonus" of all this change, was having to answer to outsiders who didn't understand, were pissed and a lot of times, downright rude.  Look, this wasn't my idea or decision, I'm just what's left to figure out what to do next.
  • I allowed a couple of months to mourn the dismissal of my co-workers. I'm sure there were days when I  didn't put full effort into anything because I was resentful that I was left to pick up the pieces from decisions I didn't make.  However, with a new year comes acceptance.  It is time to embrace change fully and move forward.  As cliche as it sounds, onward and upward!
Non-work related activities
  •   I managed to pull off a successful diet run.  I went on the HCG drops/500 calorie a day plan  for a month and lost 18 pounds.  I then was sponsored briefly by Metabolic Research Center and lost another 7lbs. That was fun!
  • With all the work stress, being lazy and falling back into bad habits late in the year, I tried to gain it all back.  That was not fun.  Obviously a renewed effort is a goal for the new year.
  • My 98 year old Grandma passed away July 1st.  My cousin Erik and I took what we describe as an Epic Road Trip back to Wisconsin for the funeral. No one should be allowed to have that much fun on their way to a funeral.  Although my grandma's passing was sad, we had a very Lunde tribute to her and I got a chance to catch up with old friends and relatives while there.
  • The hubby and I went through Financial Peace University, a 13-week class dedicated to getting out of debt and building wealth.  (  Good stuff!
  • My oldest son Ryan left home to move across town into what we affectionately call "Animal House."  It is strange not having him at home-although he does come for Sunday dinner pretty regular-yay!
  • My youngest son Kyle got his learner's permit, so we've been going through that phase again...he's a pretty good driver so I'm not too anxious most of the time.
  • Because of what I do for a living, I got to be a part of the Greeley Stampede, Cheyenne Frontier Days, many concerts at our own amphitheater and other fun activities.  The cherry on top of the cake tho was my friend Tami getting to meet Toby Keith for the first time,  He came to town just in time for her birthday and I was able to arrange that for her. (Thanks Jeff Brown!)
  • and that brings me to my Goddess Girls...we had so much fun this year!  Going to the pool, meeting for coffee, dinner and a movie, Tami's 40th b-day party, Charming Charlie's, Halloween, Ugly Christmas Sweater Party...I love these girls-we have a great time together!
All in all, 2011 was the usual roller coaster ride of ups and downs...the Ups far outweighing the Downs thankfully! 

What will 2012 bring?  No Idea!  I do know what I'd like it to bring,  but I also know that I better be ready to dodge bullets like Neo in The Matrix and to "look for low and away, but watch out for in your ear" like Archie Graham in Field of Dreams.


  1. ah, such is life's reflection! Good writing, Super Sue. Here's to many more UP's and Adventures! love ya!

  2. Soo funny...typical mid life with parents & kids huh? or as Erma Bombeck once said` When you find yourself caring for your parents & your kids telling you what to do-wow what a circle of life' I think I may have a decade on you 'auughhh'