Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

The Goddesses Princess, Caress, Riviera and Soleil rang in the New Year together
Wow, what an imaginative title...(scribbles on legal pad, yes, I'm old school and use a legal pad)  goal #1 for blog-use more intriguing headlines for your blog in the future.  They say that writing down a goal is 90% of accomplishing it. Although I'm not sure who "they" are, I make lists about everything because I need all the help I can get!

With the new year starts a clean slate, right?   A do-over...another chance-to-do-it-better-this-time kind of vibe.  Every year, I try to be realistic and optimistic-I'm a "realoptimist."  Nothing worse than setting lofty, vague resolutions (IE Lose 50 lbs, make more money, stop feeling bad) and then falling on your face, because there was no plan to implement these good ideas.  I write down things I plan to accomplish for the new year rather than stuff I need to stop doing because I'm a weak, no discipline human. There I go with the positive rather than negative approach again.  I've tried negative, it doesn't work and is extremely boring.

My first resolution is to call them goals...a goal sounds do-able.
"My goal is to_______"   sounds well thought out, a good plan, positive
A resolution sounds like something destined to fail 
"I should quit/start doing_______"  sounds like "I was drunk New Year's Eve and you can't hold me to that!"

OK, now I have a proper name for it,  "A Goal."  What would I like to accomplish this year? It's a pretty big list as usual.  As I detail them to myself I will also detail them here.  (accountability and reflection for the end of the year)   

First goal:  blog more...I enjoy writing, people say I'm pretty good at it, so when did it become another "chore"??  I'm moving it from the obligations list to the fun to do list.  It's taken me 5 days into the New Year, but first post of 2012 is up!  Ah, the satisfaction of crossing something off the scribbled legal pad. (even if it is well below cure cancer and stop the wars)

I'd love to see your goals-feel free to post them here. Let's make it a great year, shall we?

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  1. Super Sue, we call you that for a reason, ya know. You ARE Super! :) procrastination is something you and I share. That's #1 on my "GOALS" list, to do that less, and #2? to have more adventures. So, we can do those together! Taking better care of my own health is part of #1, as I've put several things off in that regard. Baby steps to self improvement! Change takes time! that change starts with me! I'm full of cliches, most of them true. Here's to a fantastic 2012, doing more fun stuff with the Goddesses, and taking better care of OURSELVES! Love ya, Super Sue!