Saturday, January 10, 2009

Betty's nutroll

I tried some new things in baking this year too. Prompted by sis-in-law Stacy's making of Betty's famous nut roll, I decided to try it as well. HUGE shoes to fill trying to get close to our mother in law's amazing cooking and baking skills! She is no longer with us, so it seemed even more important to try to duplicate it. Bert seemed pleased that I attempted it and said it tasted just like he remembered. I do need to work on my rolling skills because there were some inconsistancies in nut to dough ratios!

1 comment:

  1. They look pretty good to me. Nut to dough ratio was never an issue for mom. Butter to dough ratio was always very high. There are better nutrolls out there. I had one from a neighbor this Christmas that was...shudder, shudder.. better tnan my moms. I don't think she ever thought she was the best at making them. She just really enjoyed it that people liked them and enjoyed them.