Thursday, March 11, 2010

It's back to "Greality"

I live in a town called Greeley and us locals call it Greality-sometimes in fun, sometimes in frustration! Like any town or city, it has its quirks, good points and draw backs. To learn more about Greeley, go here

For my purposes today, it just means back to my usual life after a week vacationing in Florida. See previous post's slide show of a few highlights from the trip (apologies for my lack of knowledge regarding how to work with photo bucket slide shows-learning something new!)

Life is about to get incredibly busy from now until June: it's video season for me, so a couple of cheer team videos in the works, at least 4 graduation videos will be made, my son is a senior so there is graduation and a party, sweet memories video for the senior class, hubby's 50th birthday, After Prom party decorating which I chair (and the making of 250 senior souvenirs!) and (a hopefully successful) After Prom party, younger son's birthday and I'm sure a few other things I've forgotten...whew!

First order of business? Go have coffee with my friends-I'm going to need the caffeine and girl time to gear up!

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