Friday, March 19, 2010

Thirsty Thursday on Friday

"I could really go for a Pepsi, poured out of a glass bottle into a glass glass with tons of ice and a bendy straw...and I want to pour too much in so the foam runs down the side just a little"I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday because I was thirsty at work and coffee/water weren't cutting it any more. "What am I thirsty for?" I wondered. Instantly this childhood memory came flooding back!

My mom used to buy the 6 packs of glass bottle Pepsi when I was a kid and it was a real treat for us to share a 16 oz bottle just as I described above.

I'm not sure if I described it well enough to make your mouth water, but it sure did mine! Although, I do have to wonder if it's really about the Pepsi or the fond memory of the Pepsi?

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  1. Have you seen they have brought back the retro packaging? Yes! I don't even drink full-fledged Pepsi and I wanted to buy some!