Friday, June 10, 2011

In the last week...

 we've had my parents here for a visit and:
  • Celebrated Kyle's 16th birthday with a spaghetti feed and Techno Rave
  • Attended our first Colorado Ice Indoor Football game
  • Gathered with other relatives  for a BBQ feed
  • did some gardening with my favorite gardener (mom) and both mom and dad helped spiff up the place via landscaping
  • Made cherry wine in classy Mason jars
  • enjoyed happy hours, good food and company and the perfect weather Colorado is know for
  • and a few mean games of Mexican Train as tradition dictates

Well, visitors are gone now and life as we know it is returning to "normal."  Time to get back into the routine of things again...

OOPS  oh dear, haven't journaled in my food diary nor weighed myself in a bad is this gonna be?  Let's assess:  don't feel like I really over-ate, but there were snacks and extra times out to dinner or lunch and desserts....I got some extra exercise working in the yard and was faithful with my MRC supplements and vitamins....I don't feel fatter, but I may be in denial...can't put it off anymore:  must.  face. scale.   Wow, I LOVE my scale!  managed to drop 3.6 lbs since I weighed last Tuesday on home scale.  I weighed less at MRC last week than at home, so we'll see how that translates-fingers crossed! 
MRC update:  lost a pound on their scale too, yippee!

Happy Friday!


  1. Hey, Arek is/was on the chain gang for the ice team. That last game was one of the few I have missed. If they have any playoffs and you go, you will have to let me know.

  2. You ROCK, Super Sue. Lookin' good, feelin' uh, better?? Hope that cold leaves you so you can enjoy our pool time on Sunday, dood. :) Keep up the good work, k?