Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Wupdate (I just like saying that)

Wow, funny the difference a week makes!  Almost everything I said last Wednesday is different this Wednesday! Here's the latest (today):

Kym and the team at Metabolic Research Center in Greeley worked really hard behind the scenes to get a deal worked out where I could stay and finish up the program with them.  I'm excited that I can continue the program and although I'm not "an endorsing DJ" anymore, I will continue to blog about the program and how it's working for me.  As always, you can ask me questions about my program and feel free to call them for details on their many programs to find one that is right for you.

So, this leads in to the Weight Update...if you are a friend on Facebook, you know that I've been at the Greeley Stampede nearly non stop since Friday and will continue to be there through July 4th.  Our Big Country stage and booth is set up at the end of the food court and this is a challenge every year because there is so much good festival food to choose from (most of which is not allowed on program of course).  I've been following breakfast and lunch to a tee, taking all my HNS and supplements, and splurging here and there on the things I like the most while at the Stampede.  While I was a bit concerned about being "off the reservation," I didn't get too crazy and that paid off by no weight gain since my weigh in last Wednesday-yay! I will get back on task as soon as the Stampede is over, but it's nice to know that if you "splurge with purpose" you can still enjoy life's tasty things without guilt or weight gain-that is a nice place to be!

Greeley Stampede Food Court Peep Show
(it's the Food Porn feature on steroids)
Since I can't eat my way through the Food Court, I thought I would offer up a few pics for our mouth watering pleasure.  No guilt, no calories, no embarrassing stuff clogging up your computer...enjoy!

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