Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Wupdate

Metabolic Research Center informed me that they are "going in another advertising direction" and discontinued my endorsing DJ contract as of June 19th.  This means I no longer get product and programs in exchange for advertising and promoting my results.  Well, it was fun while it lasted-lost a total of 7 lbs and 12 inches in about a month. I enjoyed working with the staff in Greeley, they were awesome-positive and helpful. I'm gonna go weigh in one last time this week, but sorry to say it is not in my budget right now to continue their program, so I am on my own again.  If you are interested in their programs tho, call the Greeley office and tell them I referred you.

Another round of HCG drops. I'm gonna start Phase 2 again soon. I've done well maintaining my weight and even losing some more on the above program but I'm only half way to my goal, so it's time to get serious again. Not only that, but with a busier/wackier summer schedule, I'm starting to slip back into some bad habits and want to nip that before it gets too far gone.  I'm gonna start blogging again every day so that I stay on task-I still need the idea that people are watching, reading along and rooting for me-feel free to do that and post comments if you are so inclined.

Other fun things:  Brenda and I sneaked up to Golden on Monday to catch the Post Secrets art exhibit...fascinating!  and now I'm in love with Golden too-what a pretty area!  Find out about Post Secret 

     As a "team building"  exercise, about 10 of us radio types wandered off to Water World ( yesterday for a day of splashing, sliding, tanning and general all around fun away from the office.  We are about to get crazy busy with 2 weeks at the Greeley Stampede (, so what a nice treat to carry us through!
     Tuesdays are always our regular Goddess Coffee day, but yesterday was a special treat because all 6 Goddesses were in attendance for a special reason (of which I can't speak about on here!).    For now, just know that we had an extra good time, had an extra special themed cake that Goddess Riviera made from scratch and that someone will have extra special something after today!
     Although I 'm not sure it belongs in the "fun things" category, we helped our oldest son move into his first place on Sunday.  Although it's weird not having him here, I miss seeing his face every day and his car in front of the house, he is so happy to be on his own it's hard not to be happy for him.  (don't tell him I shed a few tears)

Wow, it's been a pretty exciting week so far!  Wonder what else is in store for me?

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  1. yeah, and it's only Wednesday! LOL So excited! Good use of the filter, dood. :)