Tuesday, February 17, 2009

lacquered lolly update

In a previous post I showed off my Valentine creativity with lollipops. I ended up taking a few to work to decorate our studio door and give out as gifts to my co-workers. I explained not to eat them because they had been varnished-everyone was cool with that. When I came in Monday and asked the gal in the next studio if she got my valentine, she said, "No, I saw the note but no lollipop" OH OH! Then she added, "It's weird, I saw the note and then noticed little bits of colored paper in a trail that lead to the back of the counter." Oh dear, we have a mouse-ewww! Then we started giggling thinking that the mouse got a bad surprise when he started to eat the actual lollipop. We later discovered the lollipop behind some equipment with more bits of paper. No mouse carcass tho, whew!

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