Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Out of the rubble comes a card

I managed to clear enough space and time to get a card created for my neice's birthday-made with Stampin' Up! stamps and papers. It won't get there on time because my craft room should be declared a disaster area! It's not a good mess in the way I know where everything is and can use it efficiently (like a messy system that one one else understands but me) I get it cleaned up, organized then make a thing or two and it's back to chaos. This has been my routine for YEARS and I think I figured out why I keep doing it this way-my need for order keeps getting trumped by my need to create! I do really well getting things ALMOST in order and then it's like I can't take it anymore and need to make something. I'm tired of trying to organize...I just want to CREATE! I guess instead of wasting time analyzing it, I'll just push the mess aside and keep creating! That's my new goal-less thinking, more creating and the mess can figure itself out! I'll let you know how that goes)

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