Saturday, April 25, 2009

I'm not a "real" news anchor....

I just sometimes play one on the radio. Like this last week for example, I was the afternoon anchor on our AM station ( while our regular PM guy was traveling with the Colorado Eagles hockey team in a play-off run. (

Doing the news means I actually have to pay attention to what is going on locally, in the US and the around the world. Unfortunately there is a lot of bad news everywhere and it wears you down! Most of the time I try and avoid news, newspapers news programs if I can-too depressing/upsetting/maddening!!

Just in our local area last week: a guilty verdict came in on a transgender murder case (first hate crime conviction), animal cruelty-a local resident finds newborn puppies in the trash, murders, extortion, job losses, threats of tax hikes, etc...I'm glad I only do fill in on the news-I might not be able to keep my sunny disposition if I had to deal with this every day!

and the same time as I think the world has gone mad and humanity is all but lost, I see random acts of kindness and friendliness, get word that a local fundraiser DOUBLED it money raised this year for the first time ever and look into the hopeful faces of my children-who have no idea how creepy life can be. *sigh* all is not lost!

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