Thursday, April 16, 2009

What I've been working on...

Mardi Gras masks for the high school after prom event this weekend. We traditionally make decorations that double as souvenirs for the seniors. With this year's theme being mardi gras (or Mardi Grizz since our mascot is the grizzly bear), all seniors get a mask with their name on it as a keepsake.
I decided to make them myself because the pre-made ones where a bit that I've finished 240 of them, I have to wonder if I add up time, money and effort, if it would have been easier to just buy the pre-made ones...nah, I probably know the answer and can't do anything about it anyway so why torture myself? =]

If you are so inclined to make your own masks like this, buy the non-glittered plain ones from Oriental Trading company ( I bought the glittered ones and don't like them because the glitter rubs off real easy. (and now the glitter is all over my house!)
Other ingredients include:
dyed Popsicle sticks
misc feathers
multicolored yarn
hot glue
a friend's Cricut for the name border (thanks Julie!)
Stampin Up! punch for the name cut out
I'm pretty happy with how they turned out and even though most of the students will probably throw them carelessly into the back seat of their cars to be lost for all time, it's all good!

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