Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Blog Drought

Confession time: I just haven't been motivated/indoors for long enough/it's summertime/what other excuse can I come up with  to not want to blog?  There have certainly been things to talk about, just not making it onto the page regularly!  Blame it on summer, the heat, the vacations (not that I've had any), working extra hours...enough excuses, it's a new month and a new beginning, so here goes:

Since last time I've:
  • Worked a ton filling in for everyone at work

  • Hosted a 70's party for my friend Tami's 40th birthday

  • Attended the Toby Keith concert with Tami and got us backstage to meet him

  • Opted out of MRC weight loss and into HCG drops again as of August 1st

I've had a fairly crazy, somewhat undisciplined summer, so it's time to jump start the weight loss/get my act together  again before Fall and before all the old habits creep back in completely again.  I've maintained my loss of about  20-23 lbs since March, so that feels good but I'm ready to start losing again since I want another 25 gone.  I didn't do the 2 load days since I feel like I've been loading for the last 2 weeks!  I just jumped right in yesterday and today's weigh in didn't net me anything yet.  Have to fess up tho-day was screwy, didn't eat lunch til 4, went to a movie so dinner was at 9:30 and (not exactly protocol) so it's all on me.  I'm currently baking chicken breasts for future meals and today I will follow properly.

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