Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lame Sauce!

Things that were lame last week:

  1. didn't approve my hours in time so my paycheck was waaaay short-ouch
  2. Tiny, tenacious ants are trying to take over my kitchen and all the happy little non-toxic methods are not working
  3. Work frustration with the "underdog" struggle slowly starting to pay off, but not where it "matters"
  4. the  attempt and mostly failed try at a diet I've had previous success with
See what I mean?  Not life changing, world ending nor overly dramatic, just...LAME!  

Lame, Feeble, Weak, Ho Hum, Half-assed...good words to describe my attitude last week, in particular #4. I made a feeble attempt every day to "do the right thing" and then half-assed blew it. Breakfast rocked, lunch was proper, by 3pm, I got weak and tried to fall back into my old bad habits. BUT, I was even lame about that! I made half-assed good choices with food so I minimized the damage...I was even ho-hum in my lameness!   So lame was I that it took me until Friday to finally give in to the lame and embrace it, ha!


To put this event to rest,  I dub thee first week of August, 2011 "Sue's Week Of Lame"
(any attempts to repeat this week would be...wait for it...lame)

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