Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Buzz

Another week done and gone...
  • Along with my own job, filled in for more vacationing co-workers (my apologies for being all over your airwaves again!)  I think most everyone is back now, so you'll get a chance to miss me

  • attended my first class of FPU, Financial Peace University ( I'm very excited to get my financial house in order, get out of debt and yes, have peace with money

  • got some pool time with my Goddesses on Thursday-going to the pool with my girls is one of my very favorite things to do

  • Tried and gave up on the HCG program again.  My apologies for those of you tuning in hoping for more dieting success...I did lose 2.2 lbs this week, but I'm discontinuing the program due to a case of "I'm just not feeling it."  I also watched someone else have difficulty from over-doing the program-helped convince me that it's just not the way to go this time.  I'm  gonna do something revolutionary and go back to the old fashioned "eat less (ie better), exercise more" approach.  What?  does that work?  I don't know, I'll find out and report back!

  • Enjoyed a great concert-Creedence Clearwater Revisited.  OK, so John Fogerty isn't with the band anymore but they still put on a helluva show and the singer is damn close.


  1. Always enjoy a good Super blog - so much better than a tweet

  2. i second what niteize sez. Good call on the hcg, dood, you know I support that decision! :)