Thursday, March 19, 2009

A funny thing happened on the way to the grocery store

Actually it happened on the way back home, but this makes for a more clever headline.

Ahhh, the chore we all love so much-hunting and gathering at the local market. I have two hungry teenage boys so we were out of everything! I shopped, checked out (once again forgetting my cloth sacks, sigh) and loaded up my car with bags and bags of goods.

I was half way home when I heard a POW! What the? It scared the #@!* out of me so I looked behind me just in time to see two milk jugs go tumbling and BBQ potato chips go flying through the air like shrapnel. Yep, apparently I took a corner on 2 wheels, the milk shifted and landed on the hermetically sealed bag of chips, causing a Mythbuster-esque explosion ( Thankfully it was only the chip bag that broke and not the milk jugs-there's a never ending gift to the senses!

My first thought was the urban legend ( about the lady who got "shot in the head" with her own Pillsbury dough tube while driving home from the grocery store! I went from OMG to LOL and although the chips were reduced to crumbs, my hungry teenage boys ate them anyway.


  1. That is so funny...I am glad it wasn't the milk also...what a mess that would have made. Today I went to the grocery with my dog. I left him in the car with my soft drink which was in a styrofoam cup. I came out and both drink wells were full of coke...he had punctured the cup with his nail...fortunately it had not overflowed yet onto the seats.

  2. oooh, I've had that happen too-what a mess!