Friday, March 6, 2009

Help with my photo struggles

OK, I've set up my light box, picked colors, textures and backgrounds and taken a bunch of photos. I'm still learning about my camera-a Kodak Easy Share Z612 and struggle a bit with the limitations of this camera. (or maybe it's the limitations of the owner!)

Either way I need your help. The memory cuff and the cowgirl pendant are the most accurate in color all around. The jewelry in the other shots is an accurate portrayal but the backgrounds vary with each shot! Why am I getting pink in the background when it is a stark white background and varying shades of browns and oranges when it is the exact same beige background, same lighting, etc??

I'm sure I'm doing something wrong with my settings or lighting, so I'm off to search the Internet for the answers. In the meantime, add your helpful hints, share your knowledge so this struggling photographer (and anyone else who wanders by) can eliminate bad photos once and for all!


  1. What photo editing software do you use? If photoshop elements, I may have some tips for you. The pics are good they just need to be brighter. If it is photoshop, go to my blog and click on "send email" and I'll see if I can help.

  2. I'm currently using Picasa software and I should probably change bulbs and add more light to the box