Sunday, March 29, 2009

What is it??

That was the question being asked around my house last was a gift brought back from friends who visited San Fransisco and left their gerbil in our care. It smells really good so I had it sitting out and all the men/boys in my house walked by it, picked it up and asked, "What is this?" I hadn't gotten around to asking Cynthia yet, so I told them it was a "good smelling girly thing" I dunno...a pumice stone? fancy soap? giant SweetTart? It's from San Fransisco, could be anything! It broke open and it has all this nubby stuff inside...hmmm...I'm not a girly girl so I had really no idea.
I finally asked and found out it is a "bath bomb" made by Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. I had never heard of them before this lovely gift. All the nubby stuff is natural ingredients, the company appears to be eco- and animal-friendly, so check them out at
Thanks to my friend for turning me on to something new and beautiful!


  1. LUSH are great! one of my favourite ethical companies in the UK. dont know if they sell it in the states but their mange too honey massage bar is absolutely delicious and the shop is a real nasal experience!

  2. It almost looks good enough to eat; I bet it smells wonderful.