Saturday, February 13, 2010

Forgetful Friday and the death of a camera

Which is why this is getting posted a day late!

I'd like your help to find a new camera. My current digital camera is trying to die on me. I dropped it on the streets of NYC last spring and it stopped zooming. Now it has stopped auto downloading into my computer. It still takes great pics and I can manipulate it into downloading, but it is bigger than what fits in my purse and it needs to be retired.

We are taking a trip to Florida in early March, so I'd love to have one by then. I need something small, easy to use, inexpensive and I'd love to know what you use for your every day picture taking. Feel free to post your recommendations here and thanks for your help!


  1. Mine is just small Nikon Coolpix that I picked up at Target a couple of Chrismases ago for $99. It works great for regular pictures, there's just something about the quality of the pictures that makes Craftgawker not want to accept them lol.
    I think the pictures come out nice though. Good luck on your camera search!

  2. The Coolpix is what most people have said so far...thanks for your input!

  3. I cannot say enough good things about my Canon Powershot SX1 and it's big brother, the Canon Rebel. Both are FABULOUS cameras, but on the larger side, though, and both are over $450.

    For a smaller camera, especially for traveling, PowerShot SD1000 is the best subcompact camera on the market hands down, but it's also not cheap, about $250. A slightly less costly version is Canon's PowerShot A1000 for around $120. It's lighter than the Nikon Coolpix and take better photos, thanks to being a 10 megapixel camera.

    My sister is a pro, that's how I know this stuff. :>) Have fun in Florida, my home state!

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