Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It's...Talented Tuesday!

This week's TT is a photographer friend of mine from the Midwest. He is a man of few words-letting his photos speak for themselves. Here is a little about him and samples of his work.
Meet Stuart Oliver of Stuart Oliver Photography.

Tell us about you: Happily married 13 years. I live in Summit Corners, WI. with my wife and dog, Dot.

How and when did you get started with photography? Started taking photographs in the '80s. I see things. Bought a digital camera almost 10 years ago and started taking more wildlife, landscapes, etc..... Decided to purchase a higher quality digital SLR 3 years ago.

Who and what inspires you? I have been inspired by a number of photographers, Dewitt Jones for one. (http://www.dewittjones.com/) I am inspired by the beauty of the outdoors, people, animals....

What's your camera of choice? Pentax K110D. Assorted lenses.

How can we find you? Visit my website or send me an email
Stuart Oliver Photography

All photos are property of Stuart Oliver photography-used here by permission.
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