Friday, February 5, 2010

Saved by work?

So...when is a person happy to go to work instead of staying home? When she's been deep cleaning each room of the house a day at a time and today is bedrooms day!

I have two teenage boys who don't appreciate what a dresser is for, when to do laundry or change their sheets, so this is not a job I look forward to! There is no eating allowed in rooms and yet candy wrappers, glasses, etc abound. Ryan's closet looks like it barfed out everything he owns onto the floor and Kyle's dresser looks like a lava flow of t-shirts and jeans flowing out of it! Every drawer is open and I'm not even sure how it stays upright.

Most of the time I ignore how unkempt their rooms are because they are good kids:, they get good grades, don't get into trouble, have extra curricular activities. etc. This is a "fixable/trainable" issue in the big scheme of things and if pressed (which I do every few weeks) they will clean up.

We got a reprieve because someone got ill and I got called in to work. So...Dear Jennifer, I'm sorry you are sick, but THANK YOU! for calling me in to work for you today-not sure I was up for the challenge just yet.

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