Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Talented Tuesday

This week's Talented Tuesday features my cousin in law (is that the proper term?) Frank Stanley. I would like Frank's work even if he wasn't married to my cousin Krista because his stuff is fun, vibrant, and interesting. Here is the Frank Stanley I own:
see more of Frank's work here: http://www.fstanley.com/portfolio/abstract260.html and here: http://playgroundartstudios.com/ Spend some time looking around-really fun stuff!

A little about Frank in his own words:

“I’ve never been interested in landscapes or figures. I really can’t draw a train or a bird that’s supposed to look like a bird. I paint out of an uncontrollable desire to create cool stuff.”

Frank Stanley is an American artist who creates original abstract and pop art paintings as well as internationally recognized sculpture. A self-taught painter, he arrived at his energetic style completely independent of academic influence. He currently lives and works in Fort Collins, CO.

Currently, Frank creates for a higher purpose: 1000 Painted Kranes was developed to help defray medical costs. The latter half of 2009 was ugly for the Stanley family. The ugliness began with Krista being diagnosed with cancer, compounded by the discovery that her employer had been diverting her insurance payments to his own account, leaving her without coverage. Now throw in a "pre-existing condition," surgeries, doctor visits and the Stanley's are drowning in a sea of medical debt. There is a happy ending tho and you can help! Read the full story here:

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  1. Thanks for posting Sue!!! Lets see where this ride takes us!!!