Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Talented Tuesday

I'm starting a new feature on my blog today called Talented Tuesday.

Every Tuesday I will feature someone I see as Talented-someone I know or found on the Internet, a local artist or business, etc. Anyone with Talent is fair game and if they let me, I'll feature them!

For my first Talented Tuesday, I think it is appropriate that my Aunt Mary should be the first to be featured. She is Talented! She is a beautiful person, makes beautiful stamped cards and never fails to make me feel great with the words, "Suzie, you are so talented!" Seriously, how can you not love a person who says that and means it?

The debut of Talented Tuesday features some of my Aunt Mary's stamped/handmade cards-she loves polka dots, layers, ribbons and classic embellishments. She even decorates the envelopes they are mailed in (and it kills me to even open them!). I've saved every single hand stamped card she's made for me, so it was a little tough to narrow it down. Here is a representation of about every occasion...enjoy!

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