Sunday, April 3, 2011

27 dresses

A total chick flick and one of my fave movies! 

6AM  even though I know I had a "non protocol" day yesterday, still the eternal optimist when getting on the scale.  Actually optimism and scale aren't usually in the same sentence for me, so that's new and fun!  Weigh In:  same to waffling down 1.2...hanging on the edge of a loss-I am renewed in my efforts to be really good today!

9am  Must stop playing with button templates!  I'm  pretty computer savvy about most things, but these stupid templates are really not all that user friendly!  If anyone knows how to use templates in Open Office or Adobe Photo Shop please share-there must be an easier way than what I'm trying to do.  Walking away...

9:15AM getting ready for work and decided to see if there was any more inch loss.  Not much but I will take it!  2 inches off my waist 1 inch off hips,  1/2 inch off each thigh.  Tightest jeans now downright comfy but no need for a belt yet.

10-12  busy morning with my radio show and a couple of live broadcasts to maneuver through

1:30PM  lunch time.  My usual cat food, lettuce, bread stick and  strawberries.  Just so you know, lettuce is extremely boring without anything on it.  I looked in the work fridge and found a few dressings, but have no idea how long they've been in there so  If I go down after eating something nasty at the radio ranch, no one will find me until Monday!

2-4PM Double duty again-running  Chris Kelly's live broadcast on KISS and wouldn't cha know he's at a brand new frozen yogurt shop in Greeley "with all the Rocky Mountain Chocolate factory toppings available."  fml

5:30PM Watched my husband slather butter and peanut butter onto a thick piece of french bread, almost had one myself.  Since it was too early to eat dinner, I gave myself permission to have a piece of peanut butter bread but it had to be a slice of Sara Lee 45 cal wheat and 1/2 serving of peanut butter ONLY!  yeah, not as appealing so I passed.  Went a few rounds with a bag of Doritos-ended up eating 3 chips.  Not gonna lie, these tasted much better than the potato chips and it was real hard not to take the bag and eat mindlessly in front of the TV.  I think being tired was why I struggled.  I actually realized that in time and pushed through it.

7pm dinner was hamburger with fried onions and mustard, cucumber salad and strawberry smoothie.  No, the smoothie wasn't as tasty as it was strawberries, ice, water and a couple drops of Stevia.  I think I'll just eat the strawberries how they are-more satisfying and save the stuck-on-the-side-of-the-glass seeds for someone else. 

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  1. I like the blog titles as much as the blog -- keep it up Super -- I'll say it again, you looked amazing on Friday - and I was almost inspired to start my spring exercise routine - almost