Friday, April 8, 2011

There are 32 teeth in the adult human mouth

and I'm not allowed to use them for anything good anymore (sticks out lower lip to pout)Oops, forgot to put big girl pants on.

When I googled the number 32 the key words to this web site said "a deep collection of meanings for the number 32"   Does anyone else find that funny? I think it's interesting but "deep"?  or did they mean "deep"?

4:30AM up early to work at Macy's.  Weigh In:  same  ugh! an entire week with no loss.  Trying to be happy about no gain and push through.

6AM  off to move and fluff, stack,  store, and move some more!

9:10AM break at Macy's ate my lunch apple because I was starving...what's that all about? Yesterday I ate something Mid morning and now it's a precedent again? BS

10AM  on the radio.  Upon arrival at work, promptly tried to blame Jeff for giving me his plateau...didn't work.

1:30PM lunch-foil pouch talapia with asparagus, bread stick and 1/2 grapefruit (prolly wasn't supposed to have another fruit-but it beats anything else I wanted to eat)

3:30PM driving with teen boy-we take the long way to King Soopers and arrive without incident.  Stocked up on protein-meat, cheese, eggs.  Kyle found donuts and a cherry pie in the day olds...sigh...what doesn't kill me makes me stronger (lather rinse repeat)  and why are there little old ladies with samples everywhere? 

5PM the boys went outside to play air soft, leaving me along with the donuts.  I'm either brave or stupid-opened the box to see them up close and decide how worth it one might be...maybe just a half...hmmm, which one might do the least damage?  None of them volunteer not to go right to my hips, so I close the box and walk away. 

7pm dinner of sliders, radishes Melba toast and strawberries.  I'm allowed 3 and 1/2 sliders (no bun of course), so I feel like I'm getting a lot.  I look silly because I broke my Melba toast in half and used it as a bun!  I had my allotted square of chocolate too.

10:30PM went through kitchen to make sure everything was put away and faced down the donuts again.  Caved to 1/2 of one-cake donut with carmel icing.  It was just OK,  and didn't make me want to snarf up the rest of them.  Oddly the song, "As she's walking away goes through my head"  and a mental note to not walk through kitchen late at night anymore.


  1. Cuz, you get up too early. That's all I'm saying. I think I might find the number 32 somewhat deep at 4:30 a.m., myself.

  2. you get up at 4:30, of course you're starving "mid-morning". That's afternoon for your body! Keep your big-girl pants on, you'll get there! :)