Saturday, April 9, 2011

3 +3 = 6

What's more boring than math?  Talking about weight and scales. Turn away if you are sleepy at all.

6 lbs is now the difference between my 2 was 10 lbs when I started...Can you really trust a scale?  I may have "scale issues."  My regular scale is just a garden variety scale-not fancy, not digital, no computer brain, etc and it was good at weighing me less than any other (we were both in denial). 

My fancy scale runs on a 9 volt battery, counts at .2 increments and knows how old I am, that I'm a girl and an athlete (as opposed to sedentary).  It weighed me more than I liked but, I figured it was more true and accurate based on its technology and it was the type of scale recommended by the program I'm on. (and it was the same as the Dr.'s scale and at the work out center)   

I'm beginning to wonder about its accuracy because the last few days it doesn't come on right away and acts a little funny at first and then just settles right on the same weight.  Today at weigh in it waffled for the first time down 1.8 but still stuck to previous.  I know there is a reason for my plateau, but now I'm not sure if I'm getting good readings or not.  Going to go work out again today, so I will use their scale to compare.

In the mean time, (if you aren't already snoozing from the sleepy scale talk) what's your favorite type of scale?  Which is most accurate?  I'd like to find a truthful scale I can count on, whether it says what I want or not!  Helpful hints accepted.  Here is what I found in a brief search:

7:30-8:30 Am Princess Work Out.  I tried both scales at WOW (work out west)and got 2 different answers there, so I asked my fave trainer Morgan if she would weigh me on the scale I used months ago when I got my BMI and everything else checked.  She not only checked my weight (which was closest to my scale) but redid my BMI as well to see how much actual fat I lost.  drum roll please...
Good News:  I've lost 7 lbs of fat, yay!
Bad news: the other 8lbs is lost muscle - damn!  (or 10lbs if you use my scale at home)

OK, that's what I was afraid of...I stopped losing because my body thinks it's starving. My drops are almost gone anyway so I will add in a few more calories today with drops and then go on maintenance tomorrow.  Morgan's plan ups my calories to 1500 a day with regular work outs to burn 500.  1500 calories?!  I'm gonna be STUFFED!

There are still more pros than cons for me:
  • Although I'm bummed I lost more muscle than fat, I love to work out so getting the muscle back will be easy
  • I'm happy I did the program-got me jump started on a better food life style and ditched my sugar addiction (or at least got it managed down)
  • I still feel better physically than I have in years-no aches, pains, headaches 
  • I've gained confidence that I can lose weight and stick with it
  • straying off the food reservation isn't the end of the world nor an excuse to give it all up 
  • I get to eat a "new normal" now!
  • I successfully faced down "bad food" at home, in the grocery store, at restaurants.
Now on to maintenance for 3 weeks.  The plan says no sugars or starches but more variety of everything else, yay! Not sure I will blog every day of this phase, but I will continue to post interesting things as they come up.

Hind Sight observations:
  • I should have stopped at Day 25, that is when I plateaued for good
  • I should have monitored the fat and muscle loss more closely-this is probably the advantage of having a weight loss company/Doctor/fitness coach monitoring you and helping you adjust calories and such
  • If I do this phase again, I will be wiser and more careful
  • Although the weight loss is great I'm more happy about the mental aspects of this lesson.
Late night confession:  I went just a little crazy today and ate a couple bites of a Silvermine sub that was delivered to the station mid morning (wheat bread, meat and lettuce) and had Sushi (California Rolls) for a late lunch and had a small slice of cherry pie after dinner.  My tummy feels gross and I know I will pay for this tomorrow.  I looked up calories to see the damage (sushi not so much, pie out of control!)  I know I can get back on track so altho I still struggle with guilt for having done it, I will overcome!


  1. I've enjoyed the blogs as you know....thanks for the open, honest look at this diet option and how you dealt with it. Now - I'm going to start something and see if I can catch "down" to you - 20lbs off before I go back for class reunion would me make feel a lot better about myself.

  2. i prolly still weigh more than you but thanks! do it, you will feel great!