Friday, April 1, 2011

In the year 2525...

...if man is still alive, if woman can survive...

Radio friend Tim Dunbar was honoring the 62 year old 45 today on FB, so in honor of that, a real 45 with plastic thingy in the middle.

Today was the date that I was originally gonna go off the diet, BUT I had another loss this morning so I'm sticking with it to either 30 or 40 days. (40 is the max allowed each time)  Weigh In:  down 1.4 for a total of 17.8!  Almost 18 lbs...this is very fun!

5am  Up early to go to work at Macy's today...all my black clothes are baggy now, yay!

11am  I think diet conversations are generally pretty boring unless  you are dishing with other dieters and discussing the somewhat crazy things you do and eat!   Co-worker Jeff and I were discussing lost poundage today, but my fave Jeff  line from yesterday after I said, "Amazing what I can do when I put my big girl pants on."  was  "But now your big girl pants are falling off!"  ha ha, thanks Jeff!

1PM lunch at the Tavern.  delicious salad with chicken, grilled veggies and red wine vinegar as dressing. They put almonds on it-I'm OK with that.  If you order this salad ask for the veggies hot.

3:30PM  driving with teen boy around neighborhood, out on 4th, through a school zone successfully and the back way into Walmart(!), parked 5 blocks away from store entrance (but who doesn't need a little exercise right?)  got dinner fixin's, navigated back out of parking lot, drove on 47th and then safely back into our neighborhood.  He is getting very good and brake and gas-smooth!

7PM OK, tonight I am jealous of dinner!  We make our own version of Panda Express Orange Chicken and that's what everyone else is having with rice and veggies.  I made my little grilled chicken and pile of lettuce with Melba toast as croutons (that works good!) and No Cal dressing.  Orange and chocolate for dessert.

8:30PM why are the kids selling those candy bars again?  Sara sent one home for me and I ate one square...dark choc and almond-I'm certain there will be punishment for that on the scale tomorrow.

I have people ask me how I can go to the store and buy stuff knowing I can't eat it, it being in the house to tempt me, making separate meals, etc.  I look at it this way-this is real life-full of temptations all the time.   I'm living my life while I do this, not sequestered away in some safe environment void of temptations.  I am beholden to no one-no Doctor monitoring me, no weigh ins in front of anyone, no advertiser paying me to do this. (although they should have-I'm rockin' it!)    I own this-the more I face it and triumph over it, the easier it will be when I go back to regular eating. Am I nervous about that?  you bet!  BUT, I think it will be OK. 

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  1. You ARE rockin' it! Good Job, my friend! You really can do a lot when you put on your (now-loose) big girl pants! Woo hoo! So so proud of you. :)