Monday, April 4, 2011

28 days later...

WHINER ALERT!  I'm having one of "those" days...

ya know the kind where no matter how much positive stuff is going on-there is no perspective or balance?  You can't find it/refuse to embrace it/wanna be a whiner/it's not good enough/I'm just gonna be butt-faced kinda days!  I'm sick of the scale not moving for 4 days now, I'm tired of this diet and having to "think" about it all the time, my clothes fit better but I see pictures of myself and I don't look any better, I've come so far and yet still have so much to go, I can't go back to the way I was but I'm frustrated where I am...WAH!   OK, just had to get that outta my system.  Moving on...

10am  scanning in cute pics for a grad video...Sara's mom is gonna cry her eyes out!

12:30PM making more Scarlet Canary t-shirts for the gig tonight.  I like the red and black shirts much better.

1:30PM  lunch.  The band was loading out to get ready for their gig and Josh said, "oh man  it smells so awesome up here!"  Really? it's cooked seasoned burger, radishes, a bread stick and cinnamon apples.  I tell him it's my "diet food" and he says, "I'll eat that" umm, no ya won't I've been waiting all morning to eat!

3:30PM off to Denver to see Scarlet Canary play with about 87 other bands at Cervantes.

5:20PM Scarlet Canary takes the stage and kills it-good crowd reaction!  Sold and gave away all the t-shirts! note to self bring a merch table next time.

7:30PM  Dinner at Cinzetti's.  This is gonna be bad...Italian buffet!  Actually I did pretty good-trolled the entire buffet to plan my dinner to get the most out of every bite.  I didn't eat anything I didn't think I would love, small portions, no bread other than veggie pizza, stayed away from pasta and with the meats and salads (altho the salad was covered in delicious dressing and bacon), but splurged on dessert-a little taste of gelato, a canoli and some choc lava cake...totally worth it! Well adjusted about the scale tomorrow (for now), just hope I didn't do permanent damage.

see Scarlet Canary gig pics here:!/album.php?aid=347059&id=671055983  my son is the drummer


  1. Plateaus suck! But you will get through it. :-)

  2. yeah! what Brenda said! You do look different, BTW, maybe pics aren't good enough (if you're looking at the BF ones, I didn't like mine either) to see the difference. Hang in there, Sooper Soo. I'm feeling the same way.