Sunday, April 10, 2011

What goes around comes a freakin' boomerang!

So...I was right to be concerned about my venture back into Carb Land yesterday. 
Weight in:  up 1.8 whoa!  Here is exactly what it says on the Phase 3 notes:
"It takes about 3 weeks before your weight becomes stable. It is during these 3 weeks that you must not eat sugars, rice, bread, potatoes, pastries, etc.  IF STARCHES ARE CONSUMED, THINGS ARE LIABLE TO GET OUT OF HAND.  This rule has to be observed carefully during the first 3 weeks after treatment has ended otherwise disappointments are almost sure to occur"
Wow, understatement of the year and they aren't kidding!  Although I stayed under the "2 lbs up leads to an Apple or Steak Day" (something they suggest you do in Phase 3 to get back on track), I can guarantee you I will not be consuming sugars and starches today!

Late night update:  no run ins with any bad food today.  Drank gobs of water and ate pretty close to the diet recommended with fruit and protein snacks in between. Ate an egg for breakfast, and a bit bigger portions for both lunch and dinner.  Hopefully scale with reflect my "goodness" as quickly as it reflects my "indiscretions."  Anyone willing to bet on that? 

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  1. All kinds of cliches fit here -- one of the ending with "...are a b*tch"
    Stay the course, don't test the know exactly what you need to do...