Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Today we celebrate!

Funny how your perspective changes and adjusts!  I had what I thought was a pretty bad day eating yesterday, but the scale sez otherwise...no gain, no loss, maintain! 

On day 29, after a pretty big meal last night I'm no worse off!  This makes me happy because as I get nearer to ending this phase and onto the maintenance phase, I was worried about how easy it would be to gain it all back...I can totally do this!  Now that I've had my "binge" I hope can go back to being really strict on the program until the end.

4am  up early because I got the call  yesterday that AM show producer Chris was sick, so off to run the morning show.  Have to work on Big at 10 anyway so I'm just a little early!

9:30AM...oh dear, co-worker Jeff fell ill so I get to do his Bear show tonight.

12:30PM lunch taco salad, bread stick, strawberries

2pm the song "I hate myself for loving you"  is going through my head because I gave in to the peanut butter bread (the 45cal  low sugar version, not the hubby's slathered french bread version)  ...and I'm apparently still a good Catholic underneath: guilt guilt guilt!

3:30PM Yay, my massage date is finally here!  This plan says not to get a massage because of the oils put on the skin, but I'm saying whatever to that.  I'm  pretty sure moisturizer on my skin is not what got me fat in the first place!  I haven't had any headaches or neck stiffness even while doing videos, so it has to be my diet change...hopefully Denise will notice the difference as she's rubbing me down.

5pm  What a nice change to get a massage for the pure joy of it-it felt like it lasted 3 hours-ahhhh!  The best part is Denise didn't have to stand on me to get the knots loose.

Observation: Another benefit to this program is I don't have knee pain from an ice skating injury a couple years ago.  I hyper extended my left knee falling and it swelled up real bad and hurt for a few weeks but healed nicely without chronic pain.  This winter I noticed it started aching pretty regularly  again and it made me mad.  It went away since starting this mostly sugar free regimen.  I was kinda figuring out on my own that sugar was screwing with my system and causing my most recent issues-being "addicted" to sugars and carbs, weight gain and not able to lose anything, headaches and muscle tension.  Then I started reading articles that confirmed that, like this one: http://articlesunlimited.holisticnetworkexchange.com/inflammation_sugar.html

So although the weightloss is an awesome  part of this "extreme" plan, I think it will be the other health benefits I've noticed and now appreciate that will keep me making right choices once I go back to "normal eating."

7pm tonight's dinner is cucumber salad, talapia, Melba toast and orange.  Watched "Heavy" and discovered I am grateful to be my size and only wanting/needing to lose 50lbs not 200-400'

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