Wednesday, April 6, 2011

30 days in the hole

A little humble pie anyone?

It feels like prison but not hard time, just a white collar country club crime!  Today is day 30 and I've been stalled for 5 days in a row now (frowny face)  I can't end this phase on this kind of note, so I'm gonna go the distance to 40 days.   My immediate goal is to get to the next set of numbers-I'm only 2.4 lbs away. After that I'll take what I can get and go on to Phase 3 for 21 days.

7am made teen boy sit with me at the computer to look at his grades...I've been avoiding it because of past bad news...pleasantly surprised this morning!  He is passing and nearly excelling in almost everything AND the 2 he is not are easy to clean up quickly!  What a relief from the opposite last trimester.  I'm very proud of him and told him so-especially since this has been mostly his doing...yay!

8:30AM It's Coffee Tuesday!  I see a Vente Passion Tea and all my fave girls in my future

10AM  Only 1 radio show to do today-everyone who was sick yesterday is not today. 

1:30PM  lunch: beef patty with "pistard and muckle,"   red cabbage slaw, bread stick and cinnamon apples

3:30PM  Drove with teen boy for 30 minutes.  It's so nice out-doors and windows open and got a little weeding done.  Glad to hear that the people across 4th with the tiny little barky dog, haven't bothered to train it and still leave it outside all day to be lonely. 

4:30PM  Scarlet Canary is back in the basement practicing, so I can't hear the lonely little dog anymore.

7pm BBQ chicken breast, radishes, Melba toast and an orange.  Had my 1 square of dark choc treat (I do that every night in case I failed to mention)

I was very good and stuck to my protocol today-no sneaky of anything, I hope that means a break through tomorrow. 


  1. Looking forward to knowing if a no cheating day is the breakthrough.

    And the humble pie title has double meaning for me and one of my colleagues...this is a frequent reference at Sprocketville.

  2. not only is your diet going well, it seems it's rubbing off nicely on Teen-Boy's grades! yay! So happy for both of ya! :) Looking forward to hearing if you got a break-through for your good behavior. :)