Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursday's Quick Hits

Short Attention Span Headlines

~Best News EVER!  today's weigh in (and previous good behavior) has netted me a loss of the 1.8 lbs I piled on when stopping the HCG program.  I was OK with stable but now I am pumped again!

~Procrastinator Award goes to ...ME!  I still have to do our investment club's taxes and help oldest son with his...ugh!

-Got my first video job from my new website-so excited!  Although it's pretty simple and still a work in progress, go check it out and let me know what you think.

~Grocery shopping is usually pretty boring unless you take another Goddess with you.  The Goddess Hippie and I compared labels, gave each other advice, had strength to avoid the candy aisle and found gross food to take pictures of!  She won the check-out race, darn it!

NOT food porn

~Blue Bell ice cream just showed up in our area and we found a no sugar added ice cream and decided to try it.  The Country Vanilla is pretty good.  Turns out the 1/2 cup serving size with a few strawberries is plenty (rather than the 3 scoops in my previous life).  Really wanted Butterscotch topping but read the label-dang! not worth it.  Same for the Heath Bar topping.  Really?  for only 2 T. ??  It's the end of an era when you read the labels and know you can't go back there.


  1. and just LOOK at that awesome pic of you! so SVELTE! that was fun shopping dood. I haven't tried the ice-cream yet. I'll be good and not put any choc sauce on mine -- gotta stay strong LIKE YOU!

  2. Check out Artic Zero at Sprouts . . .1/2 cup is 34 calories. Cookies and Cream is my fav.