Friday, April 22, 2011

the blog is back!

So, I haven't posted anything in a week because, well, maintaining weight loss isn't very exciting to anyone but me I thought.  However, I got some feedback that people were kinda missing my posts (awww, thanks!), so I'm baaaaack!

Some news of note: 
  • Since last Thursday, I've lost another 1.4 lbs, so I'm now within a pound of breaking into the next set of numbers-yay!  I haven't really been doing anything special other than staying away from the starches and sugars as recommended.  Any time I do venture into Carb Land, I make sure it is very light and brief and mixed in with other good stuff.

  • It occurred to me that I haven't bought (nor eaten) bags and bags of Easter candy every week since Valentine's Day like in previous years...where is all that extra money and how come I'm not even skinnier?  Of course I'm still waiting for the "You've quit smoking and have now saved $__________" check too!

  • Now that I am "full time" middays on Big Country, (love radio-5 hours a day is full time)  I've been noticed by one of our advertisers and they've asked me if I was interested in trying one of their weight loss programs....yes please!  I'm going to start with  Metabolic Research Center soon and will keep you posted on how that works

my new fave snack is Sea Point Farms  edamame steamed in the little packets.  3 1/2 minutes in the microwave, a little salt and then you have fun breaking open the pods and eating the beans!  it's filling, tasty and satisfying.  I've replaced my TV snacking with this. I buy them in bulk at Sam's Club.

I hope you have Happy Easter weekend!


  1. alright, Sue! :) can't wait to read the new stuff with MRS. cool beans! :)

  2. um, i meant MRC, that's a "C" as in CENTER! duh. (winning!)