Saturday, April 2, 2011

There are 26 letters in the alphabet and...

waaaaay too much other stuff related to 26!  go here to see it:

Happy Friday-today is day 26. 
6AM  Weigh In: down 5 lbs!!!  April Fools! (darn it)

6:45AM  making teen boy's lunch and I realize how easy it is to just pop a pepperoni in my mouth - one for me, one for the sandwich...I didn't do it but had to remain conscious of the fact that at any moment I was gonna because it was such an ingrained habit to munch my way through preparing meals...argh! Still need some "re-education" here!

observation: Since starting this diet, I've picked up what I call some "weirdo picky eater" tactics.  When I explain some of these habits to others, (i.e peeling every bit of white stuff off my grapefruit or orange, cutting up everything so tiny so it seems like more, doing surgery to remove fat from meat, piling up things I can't or shouldn't eat off to the side of my plate, etc)  they don't seem concerned or think it's weird at all!  Maybe it isn't really.   

I feel funny about "acting picky" now because growing up I was not allowed to be a "picky eater."  You eat what you are given, no hiding ham fat in your napkin or feeding the dog your beets.   "You eat what's on your plate, there are starving kids in India/Africa, we work hard to put food on the table-you will not waste it..."  (feel free to insert your favorite parental line here)  That's fine, I get it. Guilty of using a few of those on my guys when they were little. 
Gotta love the mixed messages:
Finish your plate
Do you really need that 2nd helping?
Don't let a man see you eat like that!
You can never be too rich or too thin
Guys like girls with some meat on their bones
Why aren't you eating?  
Even a well meaning compliment such as, "It's refreshing to see a young girl with a healthy appetite"  could make me think, " they are completely horrified by my obvious cow-like trough feeding frenzy??"   Why all the angst and guilt heaped on food?  It's just supposed to be food!
disclaimer:  these are quotes taken out of context, borrowed from others and made up for example purposes only...if you see yourself in here, it is purely coincidental.

10AM off to work

1:30PM  lunch out 2 days in a row I'm so lucky!  Joyce, Pam, Jen, Tami and I went to Bent Fork for lunch.  I had a fancy diet tea (ginger peach) and the strawberry, Gorgonzola and chicken salad.  I am certain the sugared walnuts are not on my plan but it was only about a T. I walked around the mall first (not really meaning to!) honesty alert:  tortilla chip with a bit of artichoke dip too.

4:30PM needed something sweet so I had some strawberries and a piece of dark chocolate.  I'm probably going to regret doing that so early in the day. It pisses me off that I still get the "need" for something.

7pm yay! hubby grilled burgers and brats  had a burger and some asparagus.

8PM  oh crap! did it this time, took a bite of a brat before even thinking while putting away dinner.  Old training-can't waste it, so finished it. Dang, this is harder than not snacking in front of TV!


  1. I hear your voice in my head while I read these, my friend. You are a funny lady. Keep up the great work. I am impressed with your FORTITUDE, DOOD! ;)

  2. BUT, shouldn't it be Fortitood, Dood?

  3. My cousin recommended this blog and she was totally right keep up the fantastic work!