Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shall we breakfast in Ireland?

When I looked up the number 31 today, I found this at the top of the list:
Claims the best breakfast in Ireland...ROAD TRIP!

I am majorly annoyed's been 6 days and no weight loss.  I'm starting to get discouraged, so I started reading up on stalls and now feel even worse! It's all about "starvation mode" and VLCD is a bad idea for a long time (but what is a long time? nobody says) because you gain it all back when you start eating normal again, slows your metabolism so you will get even fatter, etc.  Yikes! I certainly don't want any of this going on! I'm not experiencing any of the symptoms of starvation mode other than stall (no muscle loss, weakness, headaches. etc) Sometimes over-reading on the Internet can be a bad thing-take a breath!

I can't imagine anything more depressing than doing this whole routine and then gaining it all back.  It would mean I didn't learn anything from the experience nor change any of my habits.   I've tried to be real honest with myself on this blog while going through this.  I am using this as a jump start to a whole new way of dealing with food, break my sugar and carb addiction or at least get it back in check and get some confidence/success in the weight loss arena.   I certainly wouldn't try to eat like this for any longer than the 40 days.  If you remember, I just wanted to make it to 25!    It's not easy-the food can get real boring, the temptation is all around you, drinking alot of water and peeing all the time is annoying, and like with quitting smoking, something is always trying to get you to give in.  BUT, like when I quit smoking, I had to get to the point where no matter how hard it was to stay quit, I had to because going back was going to be more painful and depressing than sticking it out.  I think I am there with this-can't go back now...yay! I've been trying to get right with food most of my life.  It doesn't hurt that people are watching and reading to keep me honest either, so thank you again for your support-it means soooo much!

7:30AM we did the "Princess Work Out" aka we showed up, what more do you want? ha ha, Tami and I walked, Elipticalled (new verb) and pumped some iron.

8:45AM  teen boy forgot lunch and I ran out of coffee and other stuff, so off to King Soopers before work. 

10AM  ate 1/4 cup raw almonds. I think I was hungrier than usual because of work out.  I haven't done any super strenuous work outs since starting this program, so it's time to get back on it. Research and those who have successfully lost have informed me to be patient and mix things up a bit to get past the plateau...worth a try! 

12:30PM was warned too late that exercising today might have been a bad idea due to low calorie intake and it using my muscle to burn ...oh cripes! live and learn continues...

1:30PM lunch was a 1 yolk, 4 whites omelet with sauteed onions and salsa, Melba toast and 1/2 grapefruit.

3:30PM  wasted the afternoon watching bad movies on Netflix.

7pm baked pork chop, salad, bread stick and strawberries.  Didn't eat my chocolate square, but I'm worried that the exercise and almond snack are gonna back fire on me. Well, tomorrow is another day.

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