Monday, April 11, 2011


Food Porn
(thanks Brenda!)

No, not this kind of waffle.   My scale is waffling this morning...really, really wanting (I'm sure of it) to go down 3 lbs, but not ready to commit just yet.  OK, I can be patient.  Off to the gym to burn some fat...after a protein filled breakfast of course.

11AM  was getting ready to go work out, tried on something turned out to be too big and decided to try on all my clothes...this is the first time that has been fun!  Got rid of my fat shirts (you know the ones that you think hide everything but really only emphasise how you are trying to hide everything?) all my size 14 dress pants are too baggy to wear, all the shorts I bought last year fit very comfy now.  Ditched anything that was unflattering, worn, old, baggy, out of style... one pile for ARC and one pile for garage sale.  How liberating and what a nice surprise!  I wouldn't have thought 17 lbs would have made such a difference already.  I'm not gonna go running out to buy a new wardrobe just yet-still a long way to go.

12 Noon  Dang, my Ipod isn't charged and I'm not going to treadmill for an hour without music so, keeping busy cleaning house, doing laundry and dishes and making some sugar free jello-lime is my favorite.  It has 10 calories but has nothing but 1 gram of protein in it??

5pm  ran out of energy cleaning the house, so I skipped working out.  Watched Hot Tub Time Machine instead-funny! 

7pm baked chicken, asparagus and baked potatoes for dinner.  I did not have a potato-substituted radishes instead.  Everyone had ice cream, but I did not-ate my Jello.

yeah, no..mine wasn't this pretty!


  1. cool! finding out that your clothes are too big is AWESOME! Now, add me back on FB dood. LOL! :)

  2. I may be addicted to food porn now, thanx Sue!