Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jeff Gordon why?

I'll let Jeff Gordon be my inspiration today-his number matches and he doesn't appear to be a giant fatty.    Weight In: again scale is waffling between no loss and -1.4.  Maybe if I spit (or something that rhymes with spit) I can get it to move down!  Nope, won't commit to the lower number so no loss today.  I ate a few extra strawberries and had a T. of sour cream on my taco salad last night, so I guess that's fair.

10AM  doing the radio work thing...Although I miss Jennifer, I'm glad for the bump up to middays and a few more hours each week.  I've been having fun filling in on nights this week on The Bear while Doc is gone too.  Classic Rock was my first love (although it wasn't "classic" then!) and still holds a special place in my heart.

1:30PM  lunch grilled talapia with lemon salt and pepper, radish and celery salad with raspberry vinaigrette (Walden's no cal) and bread stick.  UPS man came and dropped off my button maker!  oh boy, a new toy to play with!  Help me pick a design for Scarlet Canary's next show OR should I just do all 3?

3:30PM teen boy drove around the 'hood after school-no missed turns nor bunny drama! he is getting really good at parking in the garage.

6:45PM  everyone was pretty ho hum about dinner so I made grilled ham and cheese and soup for the guys and a shrimp stir fry for me. Note to self: my shrimp is boring as dirt, gotta find some better recipes. I love apples cut up and sprinkled with lime juice and cinnamon tho!

Here is what I buy at Sprouts:
Melba Toast-roasted garlic is the least boring
Grissini Bread sticks-unsalted and pretty bland, but 1 whole stick is allowed per meal!
  (both on a display in the deli section)
dark chocolate squares with omega 3  these are on an end cap near bulk foods.  I eat 1 square per night as my treat (about .2 oz)  I "nibble and melt" to make it last and it is a perfect end to the last meal of the day.
Stevia drops-I keep it in my purse to flavor things.  I wish I could find the other flavors besides plain-I'd like t try the chocolate.
Walden Farms no anything dressings-Honey Dijon is nasty but the Italian with sun dried tomato rocks and so does the Raspberry vinaigrette.  A little goes along way! I use it on most everything but only a drizzle.

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  1. Dood, we love you rockin' the classic rock too. Wish it was a forever gig! love all the button designs -- way cool! Glad to hear the bunnies were safe yesterday, phew! so close to Easter! :) lol