Wednesday, March 23, 2011

16 and legal to...DIET some more

4:30AM  up super early because I am stressing about the cheer video...I keep tweaking and changing it when I should just finish it!   This never works so I need to stop stressing-I do this every time!  It's part of my creative process and it always gets done on time and is always better than the previous year.  But, I will still probably be nervous until it is complete, all 24 DVDs are burned and I can hand it over to Brodie on Friday. whew!

6am  I'm also a little anxious about my minor steps off the food reservation last night....please don't be a gain!  Weigh In:  same/no loss  I can live with that-gonna be super good today!  (she sez optimistically early in the day)

8:30AM  Meeting the gals for coffee...what a nice surprise, Kat made it and Brenda came again (we didn't scare her off).  Had iced Passion Tea this time.

Worked on video some more and headed off to work.

1:30PM  Lunch time!  I grilled a burger with taco seasoning and crumbled it over lettuce, embellished with 2 T. of salsa and hot sauce and it was delicious!  1 Melba toast and cinnamon apples for dessert

3:45PM let the teen boy drive the car around the church parking lot-he has a permanent grin

4-7:30pm worked non stop on video...feel less stressed! Must step away from computer tho...eyes are crossed and butt is numb...time to make dinner

7:30PM  Boring as shit dinner: cottage cheese, cucumbers, orange and bread stick...I've been good all day today-will there be a pay off tomorrow?  I told the hubby there is no way to jazz up cottage cheese.  He sez," put some fruit cocktail in it"  Well, if I could do that...

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  1. guys don't understand diets! LOL! so practical. I put avocado in mine, but that's prolly not on your "OK" list. Don't let it getcha down! You're looking great!